Know about india

Many nations (People groups) make up India’s 1.21 billion people. We got about 3000 people groups in India speak at least languages. Beyond the complexity of languages exist different religious, varies cultures and a society divided by caste system together creating a grid of barriers to the spread of the Gospel ?

Understanding the religion of Indian’s 1.21 billion people is not easy. Regionalism and religious fundamentalism are on the increase. On the other hand, India has a sleeping giant of 5.9 percent Christians. Pray for revival among them and for a BGM mission vision.

The world’s highest concentration of Christians is found in some areas of India and yet India also has vast areas of more unreached groups – people with no access to the Gospel than any other country. One such area is the TELANGANA. Telangana region is newly divided state from Andhra Pradesh after 15years of agitation done by local because our jobs are occupied from this region,ill treated in the government sector. Today there is much opportunity for Christian outreach.