Director Profile

My self Hails from poor dalit background. As i surrounded by dalit and Lambadi tribes, the lack of all human facilities (Basic) this is the reason why i got a vision of helping poor in the gross root levels. My father is Joseph and mu mother Esther they are blessed with five children’s, 2 sons & 3 daughters. I am the fourth one in the family, by God’s grace everybody is being used in ministry and working for the extension of God’s Kingdom. I worked as a labour during construction of shops. I entered into business like cool drink point etc.

In everything God blessed me for my hard work. finally while i am involving in all these works, i had bad habits and living with many friends as i like and i am a sinner before the lord there is no peace no joy in my life. god toughed my heart. I confessed my sins before the lord, I dedicated my life to the God. God spoke through these words in Isaiah 45:5 i got real peace and joy in my heart.

From 1990 i involved in operation Mobilisation outreach ministry. In 1991 – 1996, I attended Bharat Bible College & finished my B.TH. (Bachelor in Theology) degree. From 1996 – 2000, I was appointed as a pastor in Zion Gospel Church, Ramannapet. Through the experience of the out reach ministry done in remote villages, in the year of 1997. I started BGM (Bethesda Gospel Ministries), I become president to my Mother mission (India Mission Youth Fellowship president 2004 – 2008) and also lead YWAM (Youth With A Mission) team in villages.

Ennaram is a remote village, It is an interior place and from Hyderabad i.e. Captain of Andhra Pradesh it is about 100 km for there is no proper transportation facilities. The people living here are all illiterates and their social status is very poor most of them believe in superstitions. All of them depend on agriculture for their livelihood. As this area comes under the drought place there is no proper water for agriculture, they only depend on rain water. As rainfall is not always there, in other seasons they suffer a lot. Their is great influence in cast system in the society here. They treat low cast people i.e. dalits as untouchables these people don’t have proper clothing, food & education. Upper class people in villages are rich and they are land lords. People here are idol worshipper, each person of people or family worship or believe in idol when compared to other family it different again. There are 3 million idol worshippers all over India . The idols include elephant, cow, fire, trees, stones etc.

As we started a church just with one family and as years went on many families got added and now through BGM five churches have been planted and is giving support to 10 Pastors.

Today we have the great privilege of helping people to know Jesus. If we will commit to live for what is eternal, this generation with the Gospel. pray for everybody’s commitment so that each one could be his people.