Our Vision : is Our Mission
Presently, we are holding 10 churches and 20 other churches closely working through Bethesda Gospel Ministries network. All our pastors are rural pastors and by faith they are running their house churches. They do not have regular support and about 30 pastors who are seeking monthly financial assistance to take care of their homes and church activities to extent the kingdom of God. Some of our fellowships even do not have church buildings nor place to build, but we are praying the Lord to take care of our needs in our ministries for the last 18 years. The following pictures and details will explain you how BGM involvement is taking place. Evangelism & Literature distribution is done through our evangelism. We meet people with literature during our evangelism. We address different issues and needs of people in our fellowship, pray and provide counseling for them.
As of now, we are able to give some honororium for our rural pastors but do not have stable support. We got 30 pastors in our fellowship that needs monthly financial support. And it is our challenge and sincere prayer to raise some financial support for them. Our rural pastors are traveling by cycles, many of us need motor bikes to do the evangelism and church planting.
Presently, we are 20 orphan children at our GRACE ORPHAN HOME. Our children are orphans lost either father or mother in their early age. Moreover, they belong to poor and low caste families. All of our children not belong to Christian faith but now they have access to Bible reading, singing for Jesus, attending to Sunday schools and Vocational Bible classes. We gather around 2000 children in one place for final VBS day for celebrations and prizes distribution that will take place in the month of April every year. Children Camps: Organizing Vocational Bible Schools, Sunday schools and daily Bible study classes to our children at Grace Orphan Home.
Organizing free medical camps in the rural villages, supply of medicines for poor, extending our support to the patients in the future if necessary. We arranged three medical camps for rural villages every year. Eye camps for old age people and supplied eye glasses, encouraged an eye operations.
Apart from these, we also support handicapped and leprosy patients; arrange camps for handicapped or crippled for donating wheel chairs for them through our ministries. We also arranged camps for distributing cloths and bed sheets for leprosy community.
We have more than 300 widows in all of our churches who really struggle in their daily feeding, clothing and medical assistance. We also encourage women groups to save money motivate them to do small scale business in their communities. Most of our widows are also encouraged to undergo this training.
We’ve already trained over 210 women in four and half year’s time. Every year we are manage to finish 3 batches, a batch with 15 candidates. After the course women are motivated to start their work in their communities and earn by working. All that poor ladies need is to purchase a sewing machine. Few are able to buy the machines but not many. We are praying for the resources and financial support to help these women to stand on their own by working. Now, few of these women are earning and support their husbands in meeting family expenses.
RAJAMANI, 45 years old lady from Thurkapally village, Nalgonda district of Telangana state went through our training. Her husband goes for carpentry work but family used to struggle a lot with single earning. But when she attended our sewing training for 4 months, right after her course she started stitching cloths for others in her own community. She is able to support her husband in taking care of her family needs. Her family is happy family now because of our training.
This specially done for the rural youth because they do not have access for it and they are attracted for theses trainings. These are our new projects and music classes done two days a week and computer every day except Sundays.