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HISTORY OF BGM INDIA (Bethesda Gospel Ministries India)
BETHESDA GOSPEL MINISTRIES in India has been Established in the year 1997 with vision for Rural India and Poor Tribal Communities. Our Mission activities are Evangelism Church Plantation, Trainings, Orphanages, Care for Widows and Medical services for rural poor. For the last 18 years, we have been involving in the above mentioned activities and the Lord had blessed us so much. We have seen number of Individual partners as well organizations partnered with us in our work. We also experienced that people moved with spirit of anointment and spirit of generosity to bless others through our services. We invite individuals and volunteers from other organizations to work with us to serve the poor and needy communities here in India. Ennaram is a remote village 100 kilometers from Hyderabad city, most of the people living here are illiterate and their social status is considered very poor. Most of them believe in superstitions powers which were their practice from their ancestors. All of them depend on agriculture labor for their livelihood. As our area comes under the drought region due to no irrigation developments for agriculture and development, they only depend on rainwater. There is great influence of caste system in Indian society. The rich minority in the village treat the lower caste people as untouchables (DALITS) who cannot afford to have proper clothing, food, or education and medical care. In the initial stage, we just started gathering for prayer with Dalit family and as years went on, many families have joined us, later we raised some money and constructed church building among these. Presently, through BGM, six churches have been planted and four others are under construction. Today, BGM is able to support other 20 rural pastors with small honororium monthly because they all working partners of Bethesda Gospel ministries in India. Apart from church planting, we also involve take care one Orphanage with 20 children, Vocational Trainings, Medical Services through Camps, etc.
About NewTelangana State in INDIA

Know about India Many Nations (people groups) make up India’s 1.21 billion people. We got about 3000 people groups in India speak at least 1652 languages. Beyond the complexity of languages exist different religions, varied cultures and a society divided by caste system together creating a grid of barriers to the spread of the gospel.
Understanding the religion of India’s 1.21 billion people is not easy. Regionalism and religious fundamentalism are on the increase. On the other hand, India has a sleeping giant of 5.9 percent Christians. Pray for revival among them and for a BGM mission vision.
Hindus - 74.7%
Muslims - 14.3%
Christians – 5.9%
Sikhs –2.0%
Buddists – 0.8% Others – 2.3%

The world’s highest concentration of Christians is found in some areas of India, and yet India also has vast areas of more unreached groups –people with no access to the Gospel than any other country. One such area is the TELANGANA. Telangana region is newly divided state from Andhra Pradesh after 15 years of agitation done by local because our jobs are occupied from this region ill treated in the government and Non-government sector. Today there is much opportunity for Christian outreach.

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